The Neshomo Yesera---The Additional Soul

Why does the Shabbos food taste so good on Shabbos? Why is the Shabbos nap so peaceful, so restful? Why is there such a peace of mind on Shabbos that you can't find the rest of the week?

All of these questions have the same answer---the Neshomo Yesera!!

This extra soul that comes into a Jew before the onset of the Shabbos.

According to some, it comes after immersion in the mikveh before Shabbos, to others at the time of lighting candles. But all agree that each Jew receives an extra soul that accompanies him throughout the Shabbos day. That is one reason that Shabbos is called "Yoma D'Nishmasa", the day of the soul. The Shloh HaKodesh, Rabbi Yeshaya Horowitz of Frankfurt-am Main, then Sfas and Jerusalem, writes that in general, a man is made up of a body and a soul. They each vie for supremacy, but neither really ever is totally victorious. On Shabbos when the additional soul comes into the Jew, then it is 2 against 1, and that is no contest!!

The Rashba explains that on Shabbos a person attains a type of spiritual perfection on account of the holiness of the day. This is the "menuchoh", the peace and rest of Shabbos--it is because of the Neshomo Yesera.

This is the reason for smelling fragrant spices during the Havdoloh ceremony at the conclusion of Shabbos. It restores, revives, and comforts the soul over the loss of the Neshomo Yesera which goes out with the Shabbos.

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