Ashes to Ashes

The Beis Pinchas related the following story concerning the Rebbi Moshe, the Rozvodover Rebbe . Once the Rozvodover Rebbe was at a wedding and he began to daven Maariv while sitting at the table, without any advance preparation. When asked about his behavior, he answered from the Gemarra in Tractate Beitza (2a), about "prepared ashes". (When one ritually slaughters fowl or a wild animal, the spilled blood must be covered with soil. If the slaughtering is done on Yom Tov, then the soil must have been prepared before the onset of the Holiday. Both opinions agree, that ashes from the oven are considered "prepared".)

The Rozvodover Rebbe said that one who considers himself to be no more than "prepared ashes", that he is as worthless as ashes, can also burst into flames in an instant, just like the small coals in the ashes.

Such a person is always in a state of readiness for any matter of Holiness, and doesn't need any further preparation.