One Erev Shabbos

Once, Reb Yehuda Tzvi, the grandson of the great R' Chaim of Tzanz was in attendence at the seudas mitzvoh (meal) following a circumcision together with his grandfather. Rebbi Chaim was honored to say some words of Torah. Since it was a Wedenesday afternoon, and it is known from the Holy Arizal (Rabbi Yitzckok Luria Ashkenazi of Safed) that on Wednesday the light of the coming Shabbos can already be felt in the world, he began to expound on the holiness of the Shabbos. R' Chaim became so excited and emotionally charged speaking about the holiness of the Sabbath day, that when he finished he called out to those at the table, "Shabbes Shalom, Shabbes Shalom!!"

R' Yehuda Tzvi got the impression from all of this that indeed the Shabbos was soon to be arrive. He quickly ran home to get his special white clothes, and headed for the mikveh (ritual bath), to wash himself in honor of the Shabbos. Along the way he met another young man who had heard R' Chaim of Tzanz speak about Shabbos, and he too was on his way to the mikveh to wash in honor of Shabbos! They joyously made their way together to the mikveh, but when they arrived they saw that no one else was there. They then understood that the excitement of the Tzanzer Rebbe had caused them to think that Shabbos was about to come.