His Eyes are Always on the Land

The Kedushah of Eretz Yisrael

Reb Beryl Ludmir, one of the elder Boyaner chassidim in the Holy Land once related the following story.

"I was chosen to be one of four Chassidim of R' Mordechai Shlomo, the Rebbe of Boyan who was chosen to travel to Haifa to meet the ship which was bringing the Rebbe from America on one of his later visits to the Holy Land. Our destination was Tel Aviv, then the home of dozens of Chassidic Rebbes who had survived the Nazi inferno, including the Rebbe's cousin, the Abir Yaacov, Rebbe of Sadigora."

"In those times, most of the Rebbes made their homes in Tel Aviv instead of Jerusalem for the simple reasons that Tel Aviv was, devoid of churches."

"In the cars of those days, the trip from Haifa to Tel Aviv took 2 hours. The four of us sat in anticipation, ready to drink from the wisdom of the Rebbe that we were certain was about to stream forth and overflow its banks inspired by the Kedushah of Eretz Yisroel.. Nevertheless a full hour passed, and the Rebbe still sat silently, his gaze intent only what he saw through the window of our car. "

"Finally, I garnered the courage to question the Rebbe about his behavior. R' Mordechai Shlomo, his attention now fully focused upon us, explained himself. 'It says in the Torah (Deut. 11:12) concerning the Land of Israel,' he began, 'That the eyes of Hashem are continuously concentrated upon it. Now Hashem, who created the Land and its inhabitants, and intimately knows its every mountain, every valley, every river, every field, nevertheless keeps his eyes constantly upon it. All the more so it is proper for somebody like me to set my eyes upon the Land.'"

And with that he returned his gaze to the Land of Israel passing by him from the car window, and said not another word for the remainder of the journey.