R' Zusha of Anipoli again found himself in debt with the repayment date the next morning, and the resources with which to repay nowhere in sight.

R' Zusha however, was a Tzaddik of perfect faith. Long ago he had placed himself totally in the hands of the Creater of the World, and he had no need to be concerned.

So R' Zusha, wanting to further demonstrate to his Creator how perfect his fath and trust were, sat down with a piece of paper. On it he recorded 25 different scenarios in which the money needed to pay back the debt comes his way. The rest of the evening passed, and R' Zusha gave the situation no further thought.

The morning came, and no sooner did R' Zusha finish his morning prayers, than did the required sum manifest itself. But the money came to R' Zusha, in a 26th way, according to a scenario that he didn't think to record.

"Oy yoy, oy yoy", he moaned, thoroughly disappointed with himself. "Is the Creator of the World limited to the feeble ideas of R' Zusha!?"