Proper Vision

R' Yosef Yitzchok of Lubavitch once related the following story.

When I was four years old, I asked my father: "Why did G-d make people with two eyes? Why not with one eye, just as we have been given a single nose and a single mouth?"

"Do you know the Alef-Beis?" asked father. "Yes", I replied.

"Then you know that there are two very similar Hebrew letters, the Shin and the Sin. Can you tell the difference between them?"

"The Shin has a dot on its right side, the Sin on its left," I answered.

"Well done", exclaimed father. "From this we learn that there are things which one must look upon with his right eye, with affection and empathy, and there are things which are to be looked upon with the left eye, with indifference and detachment."

"Upon a Siddur or on another Jew, one should look with the right eye. Upon a candy or toy, one should look with the left eye."