To Pray or Not To Pray

Reb Aharon of Karlin was once in Mezhibuzh, the town where the Baal ShemTov lived and is buried. He wanted to go to the gravesite of the Baal ShemTov to pray.

He turned to his attendant, questioning, "Nu, was sogst du? (What do you say?) How can we go to the Baal ShemTov empty-handed? We haven't got mitzvos to our credit, nor good deeds. We can hardly learn properly, much less daven!"

For some 20 minutes Reb Aharon stalled, lost in thought, searching for a strategy that would allow him to approach the Holy resting site of the Baal ShemTov.

Finally he exclaimed, "Is it not true that simple people, unlearned women and children come here to pour out their hearts? If so, then we also shall go and pour out our hearts like them."